Andrea hardy, who died peacefully, aged 57 on Monday 29th July after a short but brave battle with illness, will be remembered with love and affection by many people in Sheffield.

Andrea was born in Pitsmoor, but spent most of her life on the Shiregreen estate, apart from the first years after her marriage when she lived in Broomhall. It was in Broomhall that she first became involved in community work, first helping to run the creche in the Broomspring centre and then getting involved in other projects for the under-fives and older children. The Broomspring centre was to become the springboard for Andrea’s involvement in community work in other areas in the city including Foxhill, Wensley estate, Burngreave and the flower estate. Everywhere she worked, whether in a voluntary or paid capacity, she was renowned for her dedication, hard work and willingness to put others before herself.  For the last 15 years Andrea focussed her energies on community projects in the firth park area. In 2000, together with her good friend Betty Smalley, she established the firth park festival and was a leading light in organizing the event with other members of the local community until 2010.  In 1999 Andrea helped to launch the Trade Base Trust which operated from the old library on firth park road.  The building became the focal point for a wide range of community activities which included a recycling centre selling second hand goods, adult education classes, a lunch club, parent and toddler groups and a host of other self-help groups too numerous to mention.

  In 2004 Andrea’s love for gardening blossomed into the trade base community allotment project that now bears her name, the Hope Community Allotment or Hardy’s organic produce for everyone. From small beginnings Hope has grown year by year and now has four plots on the High Wincobank allotment site on windmill lane, one of which has specially constructed raised beds that are suitable for people with mobility problems. At the Hope community allotment local people from all parts of the community and with diverse levels of ability and disability work together to grow organic fruit and vegetables, caring and supporting each other and our local environment guided by Andrea’s vision while she was with us and now following the example she set us, in fond memory of her.  

Here are some of the tributes our users & volunteers had to say about her:

"I always found Andrea to be so friendly towards everyone; she was always laughing and full of life. her homemade soup at the allotment was superb - I always used to tell her it was so much better than last weeks! I will miss her terribly."

Steve G

"She was a very good friend to me, always offering advice. The soup she made was delicious, I enjoyed it very much. She was a wonderful lady who I will miss badly."

Daryl I

"Andrea helped a lot with gardening. She was very good and patient when she was showing me how to grow vegetables."

Michael M

"I will always remember  Andrea as a very kind and sociable person. I could always talk to her and she was a very good listener."

Trevor S

"Andrea made good soup and cups of tea. I will really miss her she was such a nice person."

Peter S

"Andrea was a good friend. She was so kind and caring. She treated everyone equally and as an individual person."

Diane W

"Andrea always made you feel welcome and at home. She was very supportive for everyone at the allotment."

David C

"Andrea was a good caring person who wanted the best for everyone."


"Andrea was very helpful with me. God bless her."

"Good night, god bless, love always."


"You could not wish to meet a better person."

Phil S

"Once when I went to see her, whilst she was in brearley ward a patient was wheeled in, with no beds  available, Andrea immediately  urged the nurses: have mine she said. putting other people first was a way of life to her. If a few more people were like her, the world would be a better place."

Phil W

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